About US

Penguin’s manufacturing facility in India manufactures and supply several products which include Side Pocket Gas Lift Mandrels and Conventional Gas Lift Mandrels, Production Packers including ESP Packers, Bride Plugs, Casing and Tubing Couplings, other tubular accessories, Drill Stem Subs, Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps, Polished Rod and Sucker Rod Couplings etc.

Additionally, PPSL also manufactures ESP completion accessories like All Cast Cross Coupling Cable Protectors (CCCPs), Mid-Joint Cable Protectors, Control Line/Injection Line Protectors, MLE Clamps, Hydraulic Tubing Drain, ESP Centralizers etc.

Another line of products offered by PPSL consist an extensive range of Cast Steel Thread Protectors with Lifting Bails (CSTPs/Lift Nubbins) ranging from 2-3/8″ to 8-5/8″ with REG, IF, FH, XH, H-90 and NC connections.