Gas Lift Mandrels
  • Gas Lift is one of the artificial lift offerings from Penguin Petroleum. Gas lift is the most natural form of artificial lift that utilizes a high pressure gas source, relatively simple design with few moving parts and not too complex to operate and maintain. Injecting gas into the produced flow stream through gas lift valves down the annuls decreases the density of the fluid so the bottom hole pressure will once again lift fluids allowing it to flow to the surface through the tubing.
Side Pocket Gas Lift Mandrels

We supply reliable and reasonably priced gas lift systems that extend well life and improve the economics of well development.

We provide a full range of conventional gas lift mandrels and side pocket mandrels including wireline and tubing retrievable products and special application products. Our gas lift products are tested to the highest standards to ensure reliable performance and a long life in higher pressures and harsh well environments.

Side Pocket Gas Lift Mandrels

  • PPSL designs and manufactures side-pocket mandrels which are installed on production tubing during well completion for gas lift, water flood, chemical injection and other special applications. These side pocket mandrels can be installed with 1” & 1-1/2″ OD wire line retrievable flow-control devices. Penguin’s side pocket mandrels are available for tubing sizes ranging from 2-3/8” to 5-1/2”, suitable for both 1” and 1-1/2” flow control devices, in variety of thread configurations, manufactured out of fully traceable material heat treated in conformity with NACE specifications MR0175 for sour services as well standard services with highest strength levels. These mandrels are designed for straight as well deviated wellbores and also suitable for dual completions.
  • The side pocket mandrel is designed with an oval cross section which provides a full opening tubing drift and an offset bore parallel to the tubing bore in which 1” & 1-1/2″ OD flow control device can be   installed. This offset bore contains a machined pocket with sealing surfaces and latching profiles for the flow control device to be installed. The ports in the pocket allow communication between the casing annulus and tubing through the flow control device. 
  • The design includes an eccentric swage at both ends of the oval tube, an orienting sleeve in the upper swage, a tool deflector cum anchor and a machined pocket. The orienting sleeve guides the kick-over tool in the right orientation while running or retrieving 1” & 1-1/2″ O.D. valves thru wireline. The tool deflector cum anchor allows only the appropriate running and pulling tools to approach the pocket and deflects all other tools into the tubing bore of the mandrel.

PPSL value added services

PPSL is not just another gas lift mandrel manufacturer.  We employ a team of dedicated gas lift engineers to ensure that the products we deliver meet and exceed industry expectations.  In addition to this, we also provide the services of gas lift designing by using reliable and industry accepted software to run simulations and design for new wells and existing flow wells.

Our gas lift design engineers help the end user to ensure that that all aspects of the design are covered.  This will ensure that once the completion has been run and well is ready to be handed over to production, that the well will actually unload and flow as per the design scenario.  We provide various simulations featuring varying water cuts and injection pressure scenarios that are designed for worst case situations.  By designing in this manner allows us to optimize the number of mandrels required in the well.  We do not believe in running additional mandrels in the well just as a sales effort, rather we believe that by reviewing all existing well data as well as the predicted data in that oilfield, we can optimize the number of mandrels being run and installed.

Product Data Sheet

Conventional Gas Lift Mandrels

Conventional gas lift mandrels are installed as part of the tubing string and have an exterior ported lug that will accept either a 1 inch [25.4 mm] or 1-1/2 inch [38.1 mm] OD conventional flow control device and a reverse flow check valve. Conventional mandrels are normally used in injection-pressure operated tubing flow applications.

Product Data Sheet