OEM Manufacturing

PPSL offers OEM manufacturing services to global majors in Well Completions and Artificial Lift segment of the business encompassing manufacturing of wide range of critical components of most complex shapes and sizes ranging from tiny parts to larger work pieces. These services could include assembly and functional testing of product systems.

Penguin’s state of the art manufacturing facility is well equipped and fully supported by a team of machining experts. PPSL maintains in-house mechanical and metrology labs with an extensive range of testing/measuring devices which include CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), Contour Measuring Instrument, Height Gauges and an array of mechanical and metrology testing, calibration and measuring devices.

PPSL’s design validation/functional test facility for completion tools and accessories is capable of testing downhole tools up to 1,200,000 lbf of bi-directional load, 4 separate or simultaneous channels each of liquid (ISO V3)  and nitrogen gas, pressure testing (ISO V 0) up to 20,000 psi to 500 deg. F ambient temperature range.

While considering PPSL for OEM manufacturing, the long-term potential of the Indian manufacturing industry should be a considered as a compelling factor. The ongoing legal and tax reforms and significant manufacturing infrastructure investments in the country also add to this list of possible reasons to manufacture in India.

High Quality Production: Manufacturing in India is primarily focused on high quality goods production because they use high quality equipment and tools. India doesn’t carry the stigma of poor quality production, unlike its counterparts.

Work force for   manufacturing is very cost effective in India. A talent enriched market, capable of lending cost-effective research and development support to manufacturing operations. India possess a large engineer and factory workforce and easy access to workforce with good communication skills.