Rotary Drill Stem Subs

Drill Stem Crossover Subs

Drill Stem Crossover Subs

Drill Stem Crossover Subs are short sub-assemblies used for connecting drill stem components of different thread types or sizes during drilling applications.

PPSL Drill Stem Subs are manufactured from alloy steel AISI 4145H Modified in various OD configurations in full conformity with specifications and requirements.

All connections are machined to API specifications and the thread roots are phosphated in order to minimize galling of threads during the initial make-up.

Kelly Saver Subs

Kelly Saver Substitutes are sacrificial subs used for absorbing the BOP and casing wear by taking the connection wear each time it is made up to a drill stem component. PPSL Kelly Saver Subs are made from 4145M or 4140HT material grades manufactured in accordance with the requirement & specifications. Kelly Saver Subs could be equipped with rubber or brass body protectors to reduce the BOP and casing wear resulting from contact damage with the lower Kelly connection.

Kelly Saver Subs

Lift Subs

lift Subs

Lift subs are used for safe lifting of BHA components and manufactured from 4145M or 4140HT alloy steel. They are of one piece construction and come in varying diameters and lengths. Lift subs can be supplied with an 18o tapered shoulder or with a square shoulder.

Bit Subs

Bit sub is used just above the bit and serves as a crossover between the drill collar and the bit. It also houses the float valve. The bit sub functions as a crossover for BHA attachment.

bit subs