Sub Surface Sucker Rod Pumps & Pump Parts

  • Sucker rod pumping is one of the oldest and reliable mode of artificial lift globally used for producing oil. Roughly two thirds of the artificially lifted wells around the globe are installed with sucker rod pumps. It is the most economic and mechanically simple artificial lift method with relatively easy availability of required parts and skilled manpower.

  • Rod pumping system is capable of producing a well down to very low pressure to maximize the oil production rate and used in applications involving slim holes, multiple completions, viscous and high temperature fluid production.

  • PPSL manufactures full range of  sucker rod pump systems as well as tubing anchors, nipples, sucker rod couplings, polished rod couplings etc. in full conformity with API 11AX & 11B specifications and requirements.

  • PPSL undertakes DIFA (Dismantle, Inspection and Failure Analysis) services as well  repair/refurbishment of used sub surface rod pumps.

  • PPSL also manufactures  non-API pumps for special applications with exotic metallurgies incorporating customer specified parameters and configurations.

Penguin’s Business Philosophy and Vision on SRP Business

Penguin Petroleum Services is committed to serve the global hydrocarbon industry by providing high quality pumps & pump parts and timely delivery performance

PPSL understands that there is no dearth of sucker rod pump and pump parts manufacturers globally, nonetheless, the products offered by PPSL are certainly not the least expensive as our products are of exceptional high quality and meet or exceed quality standards demanded by reputed oil & gas producers worldwide operating at the high end of the value chain.