Well Completion


  • Penguin Petroleum’s proprietary R-STACK ™ production packers are bespoke engineered for a wide range of applications, designed and configured to meet the complex needs of the oil & gas industry with innovation, peak performance and superb value addition.
  • Penguin Petroleum offers wide range and sizes of packers, custom designed to meet specific wellbore and reservoir conditions such as single/ tandem packer configurations, single and dual string completions as well as applications like multi-bore ESP packers for a full conceivable range of pressure and temperature regimes.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and full scale testing of the packers is done at Penguin’s state of the art in-house testing facility which ensures that the packer meets or exceed the designed specifications.
  • The High Temperature High Pressure (HPHT) four channel test facility (four separate or simultaneous channels of each of liquid (ISO V3) and nitrogen gas pressure (ISO V0) up to 20,000 psi to 500 deg. F ambient temperature range, is capable of testing packers to ISO 14310/API 11D1 requirements  up to 1,200,000 lbf. of bi-directional load.The above testing system and Load simulator installed at the test facility allows packers to be tested with tensile and compressive load rating and also to test the release mechanism by applying rated release loads.


  • 1
    ESP Completions
  • 2
    Multi-zone production applications
  • 3
    Controlling tools below packer
  • 4
    Temperatures up to 300°F


  • 1
    Large footprint provides maximum holding force with minimal casing damage
  • 2
    Minimized leak potential
  • 3
    Minimizes debris build-up
  • 4
    Resists pre-set, does not reset after pulling
  • 5
    Shop tested before shipping
  • 6
    V3/V0 rated


  • 1
    Tubing set
  • 2
    No mandrel movement for setting
  • 3
    Adjustable setting pressure
  • 4
    Ultra compact modular design
  • 5
    Variable straight pull release up to 180K
  • 6
    Modular/one piece design with setting chamber below element
  • 7
    V3 to V-0 rated

R-Stack release mechanism

R-Stack – Reaction Stack – is a newly invented packer release mechanism by Penguin’s R&D team to overcome the chances of release mechanism failure happened with down hole packers. Reaction release is an inertia reaction release mechanism that allows compressive force stored between hold-down assemblies and axial compressed elastomer to rapidly release upon over-pull of the tubing string for retrievable completion packers.

  • Following are the commonly made Packer configurations. Other Packer configurations can also be supplied based on customer demand.

Hydraulically set retrievable R-Stack Packer for Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) applications

PPSL’s R-Stack ™ ESP packer is a single string, hydraulic set, mechanically held, production packer for ESP (Electric Submersible Pump) completed wells with a secondary bore to accommodate ESP feedthrough cable   and additional parallel ports for control/chemical injection lines, available for a variety of tubing connections, both API and premium, as well as for various casing hole configurations.

This packer is also designed to allow onsite feed thru installation for connection to ESP submersible cable.

The packer features a sequential upper slip release system designed to release each slip individually to reduce the pull required to release it.  The angles on the upper slips and upper slip body result in the slips releasing smoothly from the casing.

PPSL R-Stack packers ™ are designed to accommodate a multitude of configurations, including concentric long string with multi-port by-pass or eccentric configuration for ESP cable by-pass. Additional by-pass ports are available to accommodate large scale gas venting, injection lines, and/or gauge lines.

The standard seal element is made of field proven Parker KB-163 compound suitable up to  300°F. This element may also be upgraded to accommodate alternate temperature ratings. Leak potential is reduced by utilizing minimal O-rings.

This straight pull to release packer is rated up to 8000 psi differential pressure from above or below, depending on the shear release setting value. Shear values are easily modified up to 180,000 lbs. Once released, the R-Stack™ can be moved up or down without concern of resetting the packer