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About us

Penguin Petroleum Services (P) Limited – PPSL – brings a suite of solutions to upstream hydrocarbon business segment encompassing activities from engineering to product realization, timely delivery performance and tangible value addition to its customers.

PPSL is a 360 degree engineering, manufacturing and service centre of excellence offering products, services and solutions relating to artificial lift (Gas Lift Equipment, Sub Surface Rod Pumps ), well completion equipment (Production Packers, Bridge Plugs ), ESP completion accessories (Cross Coupling Cable / Control Line Protectors, MLE Clamps, bespoke designed Control Line Protectors for wells completed with TRSSSVs, ESP Centralizers, ESP By-Pass system tubing etc.), OEM manufacturing, tubular completions, Drill Stem Subs and several other manufacturing support activities like deep hole drilling, tube honing, machining, painting and phosphating.

World Class Products

Penguin manufactures Side Pocket Gas Lift Mandrels, Sub Surface Rod Pumps, Production Packers, Bridge Plugs, Cross Coupling Cable/Control Line Protectors, MLE Clamps, ESP Centralizers, Casing & Tubing accessories, Drill Stem Subs etc.

Penguinu’s Managing Director himself has nearly four decades of domain expertise in managing activities encompassing well diagnostics, surface production well testing, building/operating Early Production Facilities as well as manufacturing well/tubular completion, artificial lift systems etc.

Penguin has a world class manufacturing and service facility located on a 90,000 sq ft plot, off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, India, where bespoke engineering, manufacturing and other ancillary services are provided to it’s customers.