Infrastructure – Global Delivery Centre India

Penguin has a world class manufacturing facility located on a 90,000 sq. ft. plot off Mumbai-Pune Expressway wherein bespoke engineering, machining, manufacturing and design validation /functional testing of products/components are performed in-house for ensuring high precision and quality manufacturing operations. For speciality processes, Penguin only uses in-house resources which include sophisticated and best-in-class state of the art deep hole drilling and tube honing machines for meeting the most critical and demanding deep hole drilling and honing applications for a range of complex and exotic metallurgies with precision tolerance levels and geometrical accuracies as well as high reliability and optimal bore quality.

Industrial Metrology Lab

Penguin’s in-house metrology lab is equipped with the most modern measurement devices which include CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), Contour measuring devices, Profile imaging, 2 D Height gauge, API & Non API working gauges, Hand tools, Callipers, Micrometers, Bore gauges, Thread gauges etc.

Torquing (make-up/break-out) machine

Penguin also has in-house capabilities for meeting their torquing (bucking/make-up/break-out) applications where required in their manufacturing/testing operations. This machine is designed for fast and accurate make-up and break-out of threaded connections on drilling tools, well completion assemblies and other products, up to a maximum torque of 100,000 ft-lb. The machine is also installed with two extension beams and Push and Pull trollies and a digital Torque Logger.

Mechanical Lab

Penguin's in-house mechanical lab is equipped with a broad range of running, pulling and kick over tools for testing Side Pocket Gas Lift Mandrels, Casing/Tubing Mandrels for performing drift testing of completion accessories, Universal Testing Machine, Cable Slippage testing machine, Charpy Impact machine, Brinell hardness testing machine etc.

HPHT pressure testing facilities

Penguin’s completion tools design validation/ testing facility is an engineered and custom built state of the art HPHT pressure testing facility. Penguin manufactured completion equipment, particularly Packers (API 11D1), Landing Nipples (API 14L), Side Pocket Gas Lift Mandrels (API 19G1) and other downhole accessories per API SC19 & 19AC specifications are tested and certified using this in-house facility. This facility is capable of testing equipment up to 1,200,000 lbf of bi-directional load, 4 separate or simultaneous channels each of liquid (ISO V3) and nitrogen gas pressure (ISO VO) up to 20000 psi at 500 deg. F temperature range. Pressure testing could also be any combination of gas and liquid mediums during a single test.

Deep hole drilling & Tube honing

Penguin deploys in-house the most sophisticated and state of the art deep hole drilling (25 to 165 mm id. and 3 meters in length) and honing machines (25 to 450 mm id. and 11 meters in length) available in the industry for meeting their most critical and demanding deep hole drilling and honing applications for a range of complex and exotic metallurgies with precision tolerance levels, excellent geometrical accuracies, high reliability and optimal bore quality. Tight diameter control and straightness are part of the finished process.