Well Completion Tools

Multi Bore ESP Feedthrough Packers

Our hydraulically set multi-bore feedthrough Packers are designed to provide optimal casing protection and zone isolation when installed in wells completed with ESPs. Our ESP Packers with innovative and flexible feedthrough port design is configured to have easy retrieval and redress and having additional parallel ports for control/chemical injection lines, instrument wire port bypass etc. Penguin offers conventional split body ESP packers as well as single body ESP packers, manufactured by off-centre drilling of multiple bores on a large single steel bar for better pressure and load applications.

Hydraulic and Mechanical Production Packers

Penguin also offers broad range of commonly used hydraulic and mechanical production packers suitable for various casing and tubing configurations and applications such as production, injection, treating, isolation etc. Packers are designed, manufactured, and tested as per API 11D1 and other applicable international standards.

Landing Nipples, Lock Mandrels, Sliding Sleeves

Penguin offers landing nipples and lock mandrels suitable for various tubing sizes enabling installation of flow control equipment in completed wells. Based on customer preference, GO and NO-GO nipples are available with compactable internal profiles to match with existing commonly used products in the market. Penguin also offers sliding sleeves suitable for all tubing sizes for regulating the zones in multi-zone wells. All the completion accessories are designed, manufactured, and tested as per API 14L and can be made available with EUE threads as well as premium threads.